Aegis Community Management Solutions

In Florida and elsewhere, the growth of community associations has been astonishing. The Community Associations Institute (CAI) estimates that there have been over 230,000 common interest realty associations created in just the past twenty years, that some 50 million American homes are subject to these Associations, and that over 80% of all new homes are being built within community associations. The governance of these associations is set forth in recorded covenants that provide, at best only general information and are at worst, generic and ambiguous copies of other association documents. Leadership within these associations is performed by unpaid volunteers elected from among the membership, which can create an environment where crucial decisions may be improperly influenced by the interpersonal relationships that exist among the members. Left unguided in this imprecise environment, even the most thoughtful and civic spirited steward can inadvertently give rise to conflict, undue liability exposures for both the leader and the community, and neighborhood discord.

The Aegis Management Solution represents the first true paradigm shift within the community association management industry. The Aegis Management Solution recognizes that

♦  Community associations are groups of people and due care and consideration of this intrinsic fact must be accommodated throughout all phases of management and governance. Therefore, the Aegis Solution is not a rote or rigidly uniform framework of inflexible standards. It is a fluid and adaptable model that recognizes the humanity of our partner communities and fosters an environment where caring and empathy are considered a natural and important part of the deliberative process.

♦  The fundamental, yet often ignored, reality that all of the services and responsibilities for which the Association and the management company are charged are inextricably related. Therefore, the manner in which these services and responsibilities are carried out must be seamlessly integrated and directed at a mutual objective.

♦  The success or failure of the community depends nearly entirely on the perception that the members have of the leadership and governance structure. Therefore, these perceptions must be cultivated throughout all phases of a member’s relationship with the association.

Aegis utilizes tangible methods and an uncommon sensibility to achieve these lofty yet attainable goals for our clients. Among them are:

♦   Dispute Resolution
Disputes are nothing out of the ordinary for community associations. The real difference is how the community opts to deal with these disputes. Automatic and iron fisted tactics damage relationships and are inherently poor methods for bettering communities. However, overly passive or latent methods don’t attain the necessary results. It is the Aegis Solution that can set our partner communities apart from the everyday by achieving this delicate balance.

♦  Community Equity Council
Fining committees are nothing new. However, the Aegis Solution incorporates such a committee directed only at resolution of disputes of all natures, including rules enforcement, assessment delinquencies, and general neighborhood concerns. Hearings before the Council are held for the purpose of resolving the dispute and not the imposition of fines or other punitive measures, which have proven to be ineffective. The Council is the keystone for the amicable resolution of community disputes before the commencement of costly and inefficient litigation.





♦  New Owner Orientation Again, the perception that the members have of the community governs their willingness to embroil the community in a dispute. Owners who feel embraced and involved by the community are far more likely to assimilate themselves into the community. The Aegis Solution incorporates every reasonable effort to provide community information to potential purchasers before they have closed on their home.

♦ Administrative Policies Although they set forth Board general obligations, rarely do the governing documents convey a specific operating process by which the Associations can meet those obligations. Aegis will develop specific operating policies for most of the routine duties which the board must complete including rules enforcement, assessment collection, and asset maintenance. Although these policies are intended to engender equal treatment of the members, they are not developed to render the Board helpless when making a reasonably justified decision beyond the conventional.

♦  Education Knowledge is a key element of community management and governance. Aegis strives to provide education opportunities for community leaders, homeowners, and the management team on subjects from legal compliance and corporate rules to landscaping and pest control.

♦  Governance Models One of the common pitfalls for community Board members is becoming acutely and excessively involved with every conceivable aspect of the community operation. The Aegis Solution incorporates integrative models which enable the Board to realize owner accountable and effective organizations, rather then day-to-day managers. These models incorporate concepts such as ends versus means, Board holism, servant-leadership principles, and objective achievement assessments to create truly effective governing Boards.

♦  Financial Operations The resources of the association are its vital lifeline. Without those resources, the association will fail to meet its operational needs. However, this requirement is accompanied by a considerable responsibility to the members. Accurate accounting is only part of the process. The Aegis Solution incorporates processes where these resources are properly accounted for, prudently managed and invested, and fully reported to the members on a timely basis.

♦  Elections and Meetings Meetings of the Board and of the members are kept reasonably open to public input, with certain limitations out of respect to the time that leaders dedicate. Elections are fair and held in a manner which ensures validity. Find out how we can safeguard you and your members rights to enjoy their homes by contacting Aegis Community Management Solutions today.